Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ellie week by week.

I have been taking weekly "head shots" and monthly full body shots of Ellis for fun and memories. She makes so many expressive faces, I'm glad I started. Instead of doing updates regularly here on the blog I've been writing letters to her in a book, and that is just for her, Trevor and myself, so this is her Internet update :) if you follow my Facebook or Instagram you've seen these. 

Friday, July 19, 2013

Ellie's Birth...11 weeks later. Oops!

Wednesday morning, May 1st at 9am I had my last scheduled prenatal visit with my Doctor. I was three days past my due date and ready to have a baby! I asked Trevor to come with me because I knew we would be talking about a plan for induction and I wanted him there. He came in work cloths fully expecting to go back to work :) I don't think he truly believed she would ever actually arrive.

Once we got to the Doctor's office they checked my blood pressure and it was starting to get high, nothing really scary but just higher than it should have been. When my doctor came in she told us that she had made an appointment for me to be induced on Sunday. I didn't really want to wait until Sunday and I was only at 2.5cm at the time so, I could very well have been waiting that long. I asked her about my blood pressure and if she was concerned. She said she wasn't but said also that it would probably continue to go up and that it was at a level where I could be induced that day if I wanted to.

After talking to Trevor and my Dad about it and realizing that if my bp continued to climb we could both be at risk, we decided to induce that day. I was pretty excited because I liked the idea of her having a May 1st laid plans, Haha.

From the doctors office Trevor and I went to Panera so I could eat before I got admitted. We were both really excited and also a little stunned that it was finally going to happen. After I ate we made one stop for his work, he had an original document for a trial and had to get it to the attorney who would appear in court. Then, Trevor asked if we could stop at Double Shot because he hadn't had his coffee yet :) I figured he would be needing the caffeine so we made a pit stop and then it was on to the hospital!

We got in the parking garage and went up to the 6th floor where labor and delivery are. Before we walked in I had Trevor take one last picture of me pregnant.  We went into labor and delivery and they put me directly into a room, Labor and Delivery 5. It was about 11am at this point. 

I had really great nurses, the first, Candice, got me in bed and all hooked up to machines and IVs and what not. She wasn't really my nurse but was filling in for Jennifer who was in a delivery at the time.  They checked me again and since leaving the doctor I had progressed to 3.5cm, I'm not sure if it was just my body's reaction to the excitement or if I would have gone into labor that day on my own, but I was happy for the progress.

At about 12pm they started my pitocin drip and I started having more regular contractions.
I'm not sure exactly what time it was, I think it was probably around 2pm they came in to check me again and I was at 4cm and they broke my water which immediately pushed me to 5cm.

It was around this time that my precious husband brought me this beautiful flower arrangement.  He also had two other arrangements for the Grandmothers to be.  He is so thoughtful and I really enjoyed looking at those flowers, they ended up being my focal object when I was pushing later that night.

Once my water was broken my contractions got a little harder but were still really manageable, I could tell though they were building and as the anesthesiologist was next door they sent him over to give me my epidural.  Getting the epidural was pretty uneventful but a little creepy to know a stranger is sticking a huge needle in your back.

From then until about 9pm I was pretty comfortable. I tried to sleep but had some visitors so that didn't happen. Once 9pm rolled around though, I started hurting. Apparently little miss E had flipped from her side to her back and that put a bunch of pressure on my pelvis which the epidural didn't help at all. I'm not going to lie, it was rough and made me really thankful that I had what help the drugs did offer.

Backing up a little, at 7pm they had a shift change and I was introduced to my night nurse, Stephanie. I didn't know it at the time but she was just what I needed. She was so sweet and calm, she had a quiet confidence that was so reassuring. I was so glad to have her taking care of us.

As I said previously, towards the end I was really starting to hurt. The anesthesiologist came back and juiced my epidural but it didn't really do much. I just had to deal with the pain until it was time to push. I was watching the clock, really hoping for a May 1st delivery but I saw midnight come and go. I tried to get some sleep but that didn't really happen.

Finally, around 2am my Mom, without me even knowing, got the nurse and said I was really restless and she thought I might be ready. The nurse checked me and, sure enough, I was complete! Ellis was still not fully descended but they decided to let me try pushing. One funny memory I have is of my Dad (a doctor), my own doctor and Stephanie each came in and without knowing, they each told me exactly the same "trick for pushing". They also all told me I would have to push harder than I thought and man, was that ever true! I had no idea.

I ended up pushing for about an hour and a half. I was really tired from the events of the day and the late hour so, my first pushes weren't really very effective. Once I stumbled into some good ones then I felt like I made more progress. Probably the worst part of actually pushing her out was that my stomach got really upset and I eventually threw up in the middle of a contraction. Twice. It was the pits.

Finally, at 3:44am Ellis Anne was born :) It was amazing and surreal and wonderful. The nurse asked Trevor if he wanted to cut the cord but he didn't hear her right away and she then rushed to cut it herself quickly and I knew something wasn't quite right because of her haste. They took Ellis right away to the bed and began to work on her because she wasn't breathing. They probably only worked on her for a few seconds before she started to cry but that was the longest few seconds of my life. When she finally started to cry, Trevor and I cheered. That cry was one of the sweetest sounds I have ever heard. They kept working on her while I was getting cleaned and stitched up and I got so impatient I asked Trevor to take her picture so I could see her face.

She was, and is, the most beautiful little thing I've ever seen :) Finally after about 20 minutes I got to hold and feed her. I won't ever forget the feeling of holding her tiny little body in my arms and finally putting a face with the little person I'd been growing for the last 40 weeks and 4 days.

After that it was a bustle of family coming in to see and hold her and hug us, nurses coming in to check me and help me feed her and finally at 7am they wheeled us into our post partum room. Trevor slept but I didn't, I was so worried she was going to stop breathing or something crazy and when I finally did settle down enough to sleep, visitors started coming to see us and somehow I kept going. I didn't sleep at all until later that afternoon and then only for a short time.

We stayed in the hospital for one more night and then we left with our daughter on Friday at about 4pm.  She wore the cutest little pink dress and a white sweater, the sweater didn't make it though, haha. Trevor drove with the most caution I've ever seen and we went to Chick-fil-a because we were starving.
Everything went so well and I am so thankful to God for His blessings and protection. I think back on that night and I'm overcome with emotions I can't even put into words.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Last night my baby had an upset tummy, which lead to a little bit of a rough night. Nothing terrible, it was just more difficult than usual to get her to go back to sleep.

I was tired and frustrated and just wanted rest for both of us; me because I was exhausted and her because I knew it would make her feel better.

As I was rocking her I realized how foolish it was for me to be frustrated. I was holding my healthy daughter in the safety of my warm, dry home while other mothers in Moore are grieving for their babies or praying they find them alive. I can't fathom that. Today, I'm praying for them.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Let's get this party started!

It is May 1st, 2013 and I'm laying in a hospital bed, waiting to meet my daughter for the first time! Amazing!

I'm equal parts nervous and anxious but more than either of those, I'm excited :)

I had a doctors visit this morning and my blood pressure had crept up a bit and since I am 40 weeks 3 days we decided to go ahead and induce. I was almost to a 4 on my own when we got here so hopefully things go quickly and easily. I'm liking the idea of a May 1st birthday!

Here we are just before walking in the hospital :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Crud :-/

My pregnancy has been great. No morning sickness, very little nausea, baby girl is perfection, honestly I have had nothing to complain about. Sunday changed all that. Ick! I've had some sort of cold or virus and it has knocked me flat out. Having a doctor for a father makes it really easy to get medicated when you need it, that is, until you're 7 months pregnant and can take very little. I know it isn't the flu because I got a flu shot and haven't had a fever so, I've got that going for me :)

I'm trying hard not to complain because, really, I don't have anything to complain about. Some have it  much worse than I do.  So, instead I will leave you with a little peek of our girl from the 3D ultrasound we had last week.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

She likes to move it, move it.

Currently I'm at 24 weeks 5 days. At 21 weeks it was like a switch flipped and baby girl started kicking HARD, haha. I read that sometimes before the baby starts to really kick you can listen to her with a stethoscope. So, I borrowed one from my dad and that night when we went to bed I was listening and as if she felt her privacy being invaded she kicked the stethoscope head. I immediately took Trevor's hand and put it in that spot and he got to feel it for the first time :)

Since then she has been moving more and more each day. I notice she is much more active after I have eaten and when I'm still. At first she really only moved enough for me to feel her when I got in bed at night, but now it is throughout the whole day. This week and a little last week I've been able to see her move which has been really fun! She seems to wiggle and seesaw back and forth. She doesn't move slowly or softly, haha.

While I'm at it, we had a fantastic Christmas! We looked at lights, spent lots of time with family, visited family in Dallas and got some really fun and sweet gifts. It was a wonderful time, very busy, but wonderful still. Next year will look different and I can't wait! I finally took down our tree this last weekend. It was time. I always feel a little sad putting it all away but getting to clean my house the way I like and having that extra corner of our living room back feels pretty darn good.

2013 is here and it's going to be a big one for our little family. Bring it!

Monday, December 10, 2012

20 Things From the First 20 Weeks

Sunday marked the halfway point in my pregnancy, WOOHOO!  As I'm not one to fill in the same survey week after week I thought I'd write down 20 things about my pregnancy thus far.

I've thrown up exactly ONE time, it was from a cheeseburger.
So far we have TWO outfits hanging in the closet for Baby Girl, TWO Christmas ornaments hanging on the tree...and one huge Hippo for good measure.

THREE people, not in my family, have touched my belly; a co-worker, the 70+ year old wife of a partner at my husband's law firm and a relative's relative...I didn't mind, but it was kind of weird. 
During my first trimester I was ready for a nap at FOUR every afternoon.
On FIVE different occasions we have gotten to see Baby Girl via ultrasound, one of the perks of being a doctor's child.
Currently we have SIX names on our list, still no firm decision.  We may go into delivery with a top two or three and decide when we see her.
We couldn't hold out like we tried to and told our families at SEVEN weeks, this was also when we got the first glimpse of our sweet baby.
Every week for the last EIGHT weeks I've taken a bump picture. Starting with week 12 in the red shirt on the left and ending with week 20 in the black dress, bottom right.

The NINE foods I can remember craving are: pickles, peppermint ice cream, oatmeal, Sour Patch Kids, buffalo sauce, tomatoes, baked chicken taquitos, cranberry sauce, broccoli salad and queso.
My friends and I had planned a girlfriends photo shoot when I was TEN weeks and I patiently waited until then to tell them so I could capture it.
August ELEVENth Baby Girl went to her first wedding, I didn't know she was there...and to be fair she probably didn't either :)
On no more than TWELVE separate occasions I was positive my hair was all going to fall out.  I always heard how thick and beautiful you hair would be while pregnant and mine fell out like I was going bald for 4 months.
September THIRTEENth was the date of my first doctor's appointment which was really just meeting with a nurse and confirming a positive pregnancy test...I had already taken three at that point :)
As of today I have FOURTEEN more shopping days until Christmas and all I want to do is register for baby gifts, buy little girl clothing and decorate the nursery.
It wasn't until week FIFTEEN that I felt like my belly popped out...FINALLY!  It also appears my "girls" exploded that week...maybe it was just the dress haha.
At least SIXTEEN times per day I think or talk about my sweet girl and I'm overcome with joy and thankfulness!
For SEVENTEEN weeks we really thought we were going to have a boy.
But, we found out Baby Hughes was a girl at EIGHTEEN weeks on November 30th.
August NINETEENth I took my very first, positive pregnancy test in a hotel in Puyallup, WA where I was staying for a cousin's wedding.
So, there are TWENTY things about my first TWENTY weeks of being pregnant and now I've got TWENTY maybe a little less, to go!